The Steps of Salvation

The Steps of Salvation


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Volume 1, Unit 4

Salvation is the foundation of the Christian experience. Without receiving salvation according to the scriptures, there can be no spiritual growth and maturation to help disciple others to Christ. There is a general consensus among believers that one must be saved; but how does one receive it and what is the process? These and other questions have left much confusion within and without the church community. This unit of study will present a step-by-step process, according to biblical principles, of how salvation (deliverance from sin) is received and maintained.

What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Conversion
  • Lesson 2, Repentance
  • Lesson 3, Justification by Faith
  • Lesson 4, Fundamentals of Justification
  • Lesson 5, Sanctification
  • Lesson 6, Baptism of the Holy Ghost