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The Value of Trials

The Value of Trials


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Product Description

Volume 4, Unit 1

Just as every new product or creation must be tested before it can be introduced to the consumer or warranted, the believer’s new confession of faith and ability to endure as a work of Christ must take place. Before Christ can present believers to the Father as a finished work of grace, refining must take place. The refining process, which sifts out all imperfections and worldliness, tests every new creation to ensure quality, performance, and reliability. Testing comes in the form of trials that serve a valuable purpose in life. This series prayerfully will enable the believer to place value in the trials endured.


What’s Inside:

  • Lesson 1, Trials Test
  • Lesson 2, Trials Instruct
  • Lesson 3, Trials Warn
  • Lesson 4, Trials Prove
  • Lesson 5, Trials Correct
  • Lesson 6, Trials Perfect
Cover Photo: Marcelo Gerpe, Buenos Aires, Argentina